What do you want from Modern Life?

I want to take a moment and ask,

What do you want from Modern Life?”



Are you having the Devo expreince?

I had this problem as long as I was chasing money.

I have changed direction, i still enjoy it when I get paid.

I have heard it shared this way,

“When you love what you do it is not work.”

If you have a found a way to give back, help others and still get paid you have modern life all figured out.

Do you take time to pray or meditate?

I take fifteen minutes every morning around 5:30 am say, two round of Buddist mantra in Sandskrit on a set of pray beads from India.

I voice my intention for the day outloud, then go back to being paid to exersice my body.

Each part of the day is planned, to get more than one thing done, Chris Record calls it stacking.

If you want to access the free training from TecAdemics sign up and check it out.


First four hours I get paid to exersice my body, stay active and pay my overhead to keep a roof over my head.

Then I take a break and eat my second dose of the raw protein that aided in my amazing recovery.

Next step involves what I am doing right now, creating content to share with the world.

I get four to five hours a day to work on one of my income earning projects.

One of the basic lessons from TecAdemics basic free training was learning to live off your job.

That way you can reinvest everything you earn to Accelerate your Businesses Earning Potencial.

Imagine how much longer it would take if had to live off that income before you could reinvest in exploding your reach.

Most people come here with the dream of telling their boss

“To take this JOB and shove it. I don’t work here no more.”

Chris teachs and now I understand why this type of thinking will hold you back..

I hope you found Vaule in this post if so after you click the link to sign in for free access.


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2 thoughts on “What do you want from Modern Life?

  1. Hi Michael,

    Great post. We have all been guilty of wanting to escape the rat race in pursuit of something more rewarding both financially and spiritual.

    But agree we should take stock and be grateful for what we have, make the most of what that provides us with and be grateful for the additional fruits l. For when we appreciate what we have. We get to have more of that to be grateful for.


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