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Do You Ask for Help?

When you are having a problem, Do You Ask for Help?

Do you think you need to figure it out for youirself or find an expert and ask help!

I have been looking for  quality used car for the month.

Never in my fifty years have I had this much difficultity find a used car I want.

Karan my freind from India said, “That is because  buying  a car is  like dating.

You know what you want, better yet you know what you don’t want.

AS I get older it does become clearer what I am wiling to put up.

I asked for help from a retired freind he is a car guy and most of his freinds are retired car guys.

Before I finished discribibg what I wanted he had two ideas to check up on.

Including a  freind from parksville that owns five and is downsizing has winter wanted to sell two of them.

Bill is a wise man and he knows cars. he is the proud owner of a 2000 TR7 in Red, and his daily driver is a hard to find 1998 Volvo 740 wagon with a 2.3L and a 5 speed.

I will leave it with him for a few days then get back into test driving.

If you needed help creating a Website  or  putting together an offer to gather interested parties to your team, who would you ask for help?

I am always willing to help someone starting out, as long as the are coachable.

Do You Ask for Help?

I am learning again that together we are stronger and it is from your network  that you will find the ideas and information your need to grow yourself and to grow your online business.

If you want to join TecAdemics for free click here: Follow this link.

If you need help just ask.

Michael Gene Pearce

In Business, Simple does not always mean Easy!

How do you promote your Business?

Do you know how all those E-mail get sent to you

The ones that end up in your In-Box or Spam Folder?

Have you ever wanted to be able to market your self effectively for yourself?

How about setting up a Blog

or even a Landing page to make a simple SALE

In Business, Simple does not always mean Easy!

Self Improvement and personal Growth are parts of the Answer!
Self Improvement and Personal Growth are parts of the Success Answer!

Have you ever wondered where you can learn to be a Professional Attraction Marketer On-Line ???

Once I had joined a Professional Trainer Platform with a Step by Step Getting started Guide Daily  Marketing training.

I found out that a lot of

Successful People


I was following On -line had something in common,

Other than being more experienced marketers then I was.

The One important thing most had in common was they had been part of a training platform to learn how to create leads for themselves and to build relationships with their audience. I use this program that has created Industry leaders:

Earn Commissions On

Multiple Products Creating Residual

Income Streams… 


Plus,    Receive Support,

Training And Guidance Through

A Unique On-line Community:


How to build a business that is immune to the effects of the economy 

Position yourself as the expert in your field to take advantage of the biggest trends in the home business Industry.

I spent Thousands of dollars and Invest 5 years to learn the best way to Market Online was to a find a Niche Market that you are ” PASSIONATE! ” about.

Set yourself up as the expert and solve the problems for your perfect client.

Use a Blog posts that share your solutions.

Then collect users  E-Mail with a free Offer, then Follow up professionally thru an Auto-Responder System like A-Weber.

Listening to Industry Legends ~ What it takes to earn $100,000/Year?

Importance of Time Management and having a Daily Method of Operations 

John Solledor, First $1,000,000/ Year Earner at Immunotec Inc.

Fall in love with your business!

This company is on the move are you ready to go!

The Basic Work if you are willing to Work,

Start with the 10 Penny Principals

Put ten pennies in the left pocket move them to the right every time,

You speak to a Prospect.

Schedule your basic Daily Method of Operation

Change is the only constant

Step one

How many people do I need to talk to daily if it is to make $100

If that works out you need 10 People Listening to get a Successful Recruit

Say. ” Thanks for the $10’s “

To everyone you talk to!

When they ask you what you mean

Ask for an appointment to explain how it works.

 Step Two

When you get together explain,

“If one in ten say Yes,

that you will make your $100 extra cash today.”

Could you use an Extra Hundred ?

If you share with Ten People about how our business model works?

 For things to change I had to change,

not the company I Worked with,

not the Corporate leadership,

Not even the Economy

I had the Honour of hearing John”s Mentor, Industry Legend,

Larry Thompson, Founder of Herbal Life, Canada

He said, Find a mentor then Focus on earning $10,000 every month “

This company has been In Business 15 years

That is a big deal!

New focus the basics Health Benefits and Improved Cashflow

He shared,”How you do one thing is how we do everything!”

It is a hard business at the start.

So we have to work on ourselves first.

Pass it on to anyone that wants to listen.

Step 3 Be Honest and Sincere 

” I was going to talk to you the other day but I chickened out!”

” It looks like I am going to make some extra money and thought you might want to learn how?

Vic Boothe 2012 Women's Health Show

His Mentor Robert Depue, the grandfather of network marketing.

Step 4 The Personal Challenge

I bet you don’t think you can not do this because you don’t have the education, the contacts or the skills.

I bet we can find someone just like you doing this.

I have been where you are.

We will share with you exactly how we do this.

Even if you can not see yourself doing this and only make 10% of what I do.

You could change your life!

We already know what to do!

You just need to give ourselves permission to Learn to Earn

Step 5 Designable traits

Must be Teachable.

I can do it first

Safety in numbers

Talk to 10 people than move a penny for each to the right pocket

It was tough.

What do I need to do right now?

We have to keep ourselves motivated.

What you do in today’s column does not happen till tomorrow.

Remember we have the advantage today in the Old days you had get in front of the prospect in Person,

Today we can send them to You-Tube and share it with everyone!

Self responsibility is something you must already have.

A goal is something you never give up You can DO IT!




 Step 6 Work with the ones that are willing to work.

Find out what they are doing.

Offer to share how you can help

Then set a time to Call or Visit to Follow up!

A good sales person gets people to want to do what they need to do!

This is MY business!

Teams → Top 10.




Do It First


Give 101% Every-Time

Platinum Distributor here earn $600,000 → $1,000,000

Elite 50 Team

Follow Directions

Building the belief in the life style of the entrepreneur

Practice the 72 hours to first success rule and any business will explode!

Get each person working at in there own way

Let people say “no” with dignity

Call  orPersonal Message 10 more names Daily

I don’t know if you are interested in what we do?

The fairest thing I can do is ask questions?

Do — do diligence

Take Action


Work Experience

What attracted you?

Let me give you some info?

I will let you be the best judge.

Why would you do my business?

You can do It yourself with some help and Step by Step Directions

You can do It yourself with some help and Step by Step Directions



Safety in numbers and the Law of Averages

It means I am that much closer to a home run

For every 10 people

2 will listen

2 will join

2 will say not now

2 will will say Never!

2 will succeed

Be available

Be capable

Show them,

Get them to do it.


If I could show you away you could double or triple your income this year?

I am so glad I got a hold of you I a am with ______ it looks like I will be making $1000 a month?

3 Parts of Momentum

Establish a Daily Method of Operation.

Do Something Today,

Then Do It Again Tomorrow,

Do It Consistenly

Advancing momentum is automatic with constituency, sustain it. 

Are you one of those special people that are to Crazy to give up?
Are you one of those special people that are to Crazy to give up?