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Do you have a Dream?

Do you have a Dream?

Not a pipe dream but the, “I have a Dream”

Type that Martin Luther, shared with the world.

Each person incarnates with mission or a life’s’ purpose.

With half the race run, I believe I have found mine.

I am Teacher and Coach individaul to embrace wellness.

If you had told me ten years ago I would grow and become a published author.

You be recognized as number Twenty – two in the

Top 50 MLM’s Blogging Contest.

I would have told you,

“You are Crazy!”

I had spent the first 30 years working hard, burning the candle at both ends.

It cost me my health, left me overweight and depressed, suffering from Chest pains.

The third time that happened, my Wife Angela takes me to emergency.

An hour later I find myself, flat on my back being loaded into a jet chopper in a crash basket.

Life changes in a matter of a few seconds.


Do you believe in Angels, I do married to one named, Angela.

When we said we would be together in sickness and health.

She, really meant it!

Once I had started to recover from the congestive heart failure I figured out I had to share how I was thriving not just surviving.

One year after that life changing event.

I pushed aside the belief that my learning disabilities would prevent me from writing a book or publishing a blog post.

We create our own limits.

Once I decided it would not be a problem anymore.

I discovered Grammarly and the spelling and grammar improved.

If you let the label limit you it will keep you looking outside yourself for the next great product, coach or teacher.

Been there, Done that! 

Figure out what needs to be done, then do it.

Set goals long & short term so you can measure your progress.

Always  speaking in gratitude for what you have been blessed with in youir Life.

If you Do you have a Dream?

Let me know I might be able to help you get started sharing it?


Be Paid to Share Quality Education?

I started with a simple question.

Do you want to “Be Paid to Share Quality Education?”

The more time I spend online the more I see others finding success in sharing education sites and products.

Information about what works now is invaluable to new people and expreinced veterans.

I have heard it said the death of knowledge is believing you knowing it all.

Once you beleive you know it all, your subconscious mind will disregard new facts that do not support your belief.

This is called cognitive blias and is the reason lots of people get stuck where they have been.

Check out this audio clip from Dr. Robert Anthony called Thoughts

Being the Cause is the answer to your self confidance.

If you believe it was something or some one else caused it to happen,  you are stuck on the effect, side of the equation.

If you take personal responsibility for where you are you can change it.

If you beleive others poeple, god or the universe caused it you are screwed.

This simple misconception and will cause you to remain powerless to create effective changes in your reality .

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Once you are setup you can offer the paid prducts and get paid.

See you on then inside where you will learn how you can,

Be Paid to Share Quality Education.

Having a On-Line Marketer Mindset!

What is “Having a On-Line Marketer Mindset”

Trick Question, Everyone You Know could use More Take Home Pay, Right?

Project Management

Measuring your own Results

Time Management

What is the Solution you provide?

Do you know what your perfect…    “Client Needs”

Change = Opportunities

Huge Change creates Lots of Problems so when we solve that Niche Clients Problem

We are Rewarded

What skills do you have already

Are willing to Learn the rest

How Do You Earn Money by Blogging?

Simple Answer,

“By talking about what matters to Your Niche”

My greatest challenge has been to change my own mindset


Mindsets play strange tricks on us.

We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.

– Muhammad Yunus


In Life the final push to the Finish Line usually is the hardest!

Slow Progress is still Progress

Many quit just a Success starts to happen

Never realising that the harvest that was slow to show a return

Once passive income is started it can quickly increase monthly

Till it has replaced your Regular Monthly Income

Now you would have choices to slow down or just keep accelerating your escape Plan?

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