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Trick Question How do you know that doesnot need to make extra Money?

Learn to Create Multiply Income Streams

I would like to start sharing more about the Daily Marketing Coach Plus Online Training Platform where I Learned to Create Multiply Income Streams.
These Amazing professionals helped me create Michael’s Health Answers.ca. 
With some personal real world coaching from Ann Sieg
Live from the Daily Marketing Coach.
I’m going to share the top 3 things I found most useful.
# 1 The Private DMC Facebook group page is really a very active virtual mastermind group where I get near instantaneous feedback on my marketing pieces as well as deeper understandings to the questions that might otherwise hold me hostage for days or weeks at a time.
I never feel alone.
 “All of the DMC stars of the week were successful because they took what they needed from DMC+ and then took massive action.
They didn’t all do the same thing, “They personalized it to their need.”
It is powerful.
Slow Progress is still Progress
So don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others in this group.
Be yourself and major on what you want to accomplish!
We’ve got a lot of great things in store for you.
First, learn to promote DMC+ and it can get some quick cash into your pocket
(along with helping people in a really big way.)
See you soon on the inside!


#2 Share Better quality targeted info in a regulated quantity is a part of the answer
It is the same with a marketing funnel and that simply means a series of messages that your prospect consumes.
Do you want to go it alone or learn form a Mentor with a proven track record!
# 3 The funnels purpose is to weed out the disinterested prospects and to pull in the interested prospects. It typically starts with a message that takes a prospect to a squeeze page for them to input their information (typically first name and email address).
From there they will be taken to a sales page.
That can happen either right away (IE on the thank you page)
The main thing in marketing is to Generate Leads,

then convert them to sales.

That’s it…  Generate fresh qualified leads.

Talking only to people with a real need

Makes it easy to convert prospects into profitable sales.

So when you place an ad or post an offer on your blog all you want to do is have your message targeted to a specific audience.
That is it!!!

So, for example, if you are selling health care stuff you wouldn’t be normally be talking about automotive parts on your blog. 

Can you have a spread of topics you talk about on your blog?
Absolutely. But on the whole you keep it pretty dialed into your audience primary felt need. IE, “I’m Overweight, Tried all the time and I don’t like it.”

And here’s the thing.
Your niche can change.
I found I had Two different Niches I could speak too!
A lot of this is done in motion.
It’s unusual to have it all perfect right from the get-go.
Just get it up and running and then test it. 

This is my third project in 15 months
That is 100% acceptable and it doesn’t matter one iota that you haven’t reached mega success in your MLM. Just speak to that audience. I know there are a lot of people with heart health problems. So I write about helping them solve their most pressing Problem. 

I know Coach Curt talks a lot about using a VW which will do just fine in a pinch and that you don’t need a Cadillac.
Just get the thing up and running quickly.
I came to DMC+ to Learn how to set up a Blog
I had a story inside me that had to be shared and knew
Facebook spamming was not the Answer for ME!