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Do you Appreciate your Life?

Sounds like an easy question; “Do you Appreciate your Life?

Most say yes right away, but when you listen to them talk or read what they post this may be hard to believe. I know I had this problem for years. Last year I did some of the most high-intensity training around inside the Guru Code with the Hochman Tag team of Larry and Diane Hochman.

It is hard to believe but a lot of people swear they appreciate their Life and then they start telling you what they do not like. One of the valuable lesson from the Guru Code was called, “the Language of Kings” This would become the groundwork for the other codes for so many reasons. Two important take aways for me were: if you complain about being in Pain, about problems in your business or with trainers others will not follow you or buy from you. It all goes back to the herd mentality if an animal is sick or wounded the herd will be forced to move on without them because they know the crying will attract predator and that if they can not move they will die. Most animals just leave on there own to protect the healthy members and go off to die.

We are herd animals and sub consciously when a person hear’s you complain they stop listen to what esle you have to say and will not buy from you, like, share or comment on your posts.  

I appreciate my family that supports me in all I do. I really appreciate the followers that like, share, comment on my work.

My Largest group of fans is the Facebook Group I run called “Canada Talks Health” it is Dedicated to sharing Blog Posts about Raw Whole Food Options with Medical & Medicinal Benefits. These people are awesome fans this group has exploded in size in the last two months with over 1,000 members and 20 – 30 blog articiles about healthy foods being posted daily.

Find me on Facebook: Michael Pearce then add me as a freind and ask to be added to the Canada Talks Health Group 

PS < I Love all the poeple on Social Media that Read a Post, Like, Comment, Share in there Social Media, Watch me on You-Tube or Listen on the phone. You all Rock and Appreciate all of You.