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Marketing Tips for Network Marketers

Are you a network marketer who isn’t so enthused about the offline marketing you’re being taught by your upline or by Company training?

Marketing Tips for Network Marketers
If it was easy everyone in Network Marketing would be Rich!

You’re much more enthusiastic about using the internet Instead of aleinating all your friends and Family but you’re not really sure how to do so.

Furthermore, Even though you are passionate about your MLM and you want to wave a banner about it: you have found that just turns People OFF!

Here are some tips for network marketers who want to build their business online without banging people over the head about the particular company they’re with…

Here is the Marketing Tips for Network Marketers


If you want to learn something that you can use this week


This will be a great example of how the training is shared at Daily Marketing Coach Plus

*Do You Know  your Unique Selling Proposition (USP),

something that’s will have any appeal,

to an audience you don’t know who even exists

It’s stopping you dead in your tracks




Marketing Tips for Network Marketers
Learn why you can not earn good money Promoting what everyone one else is offering What Makes Truly Unique?

For me it

Included my Name

Shared my Passion for Health

Said,” I had answers”

So after a lot of questions and help from Veterans in my Coaching Program I had It!

” MIchaelsHealthAnswers.ca “

It Was Simple Expressive and used my name >

~ Purchased my Domain Name

< Shared my Picture

^ Started a Following

Twenty – Six  New People

Sign up to Follow Me!

Health at 200#

This Made Sense

 Immunocal, Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is Trade Marked

Using  a company product name

Really does not make me “the Expert” with anythingspecail  to share!