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Answers about how your business can  profit from using Pinterest Today!

Learn to Leverage Pinterests Power for Business!

How do you take the ongoing two-way communication
and massive viral potential of social media...

And harness it in a way that businesses can
monetize with it...

Without ruining the user experience and still being


While many have been debating about whether to
ignore it or adopt it...

Others have been using it to generate incredibly
high converting leads and build relationships
with audiences that are ultra "spend friendly."
They say that Pinterest is actually the first social
media site to really figure out what so many others
have been trying in vain to do - "social commerce."

If a Picture is worth a Thousand Words Start sharing your pictures on Pinterest Today!
If a Picture is worth a Thousand Words Start sharing your pictures on Pinterest Today!
It's easier to use than Facebook.

In fact, not only does the average visitor spend more
TIME on Pinterest than on Facebook (gasp!)...

...the average size of an order (the total dollar amount)
from someone that comes from Pinterest
is higher than the average order size of basically
every other major website online, including Google,
Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube and even Amazon!

Let me translate:

It means that on average, Pinterest users spend more
money than the users of every other major site out

It's called "social spending..."

Anyway, I'm inviting you to attend a free training webinar this Thursday, August 29th to show you how to leverage Pinterest's
big branding power and generate a fresh new stream
of traffic.

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To Your Success,

Michael Gene Pearce