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Re-Focus on Humanity on Abundance?

Now I Have finally finished, 

the book I got at the convention for Powur back in August.

It answers the question I started with Re-Focus on Humanity on Abundance?”

In the Guidebook called Abundance,

Peter H. Diamondis and Steven Kotler,

They say, ‘We will soon have the ability to meet and exceed the basic needs of every Man, Woman, and Child on the planet.”

“Abundance for all is within grasp.”

Thank you Jonathan Budd, and the whole head office team at Powur for opening our eyes to the magnitude of the problem.

Then sending me home with this guidebook filled wth solutions.

I believe in acting locally while thinking globally.

Green Energy where I can offer Roof Top Solar.

Balanced by offering vertical gardening supplies                                      to the smart locals that want to grow there own food stuff.

I am going to look into retailing small scale airoponics gardens for home and restraunt use.

Everyone could use more time under full stectrum lights.

I enjoy using my green thumb for something other then the              huge filter planets, we have all over the house.

We have a six foot tall rubber plant in the living room.

Did you know having house planets that filter your air is another, basic health tip.

If you understand the importantance of filtering your drinking water you might want to filter the water you use on the planets you plan to eat.

Growing some food will return to me control over few things I love.

Reducing Food Cost at Home.

While increasing the quality of what we eat.

I have missed getting the pick of the best quality fresh raw food since  leaving cooking trade15 years ago.

PLUS,  Having something to market will help me connect LOCALLY with other healthy food advocates.

The type of Person that care that much about what they put in their bodies.

Will want to get connected with clean energy as soon as it is made availible here.

What are you doing to decrease your Carbon Foot Print?

Get the book enjoy your education into the exponential growth that can be achieved by human harnessing innovation.

After reading the Book, think about how you can be part of the next generation of clean green solutions makers that are solving the worlds most pressing problems?

Abundance, gives me hope.

Seeing how far we have come in two and a half generations I have witnessed in my fifty years.

It has seen the advent of the cell phone it by itself has replaced $10,000 worth of stuff.

When I was young you needed a Home Phone, Camera, Typewriter, Photo album, Roladex, etc.