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Do you Invest in your Education?

It would help me a lot if I knew your answers?

Do you Invest in your Education?

Have you Invest in your Education in the Past?

I travelled to Scottsdale Arizona from Canada to sit in a classroom with over a thousand veteran marketers.

Twenty hours of “This Is How We Do It!”

One hour on the pay plan. it was a refreshing.

A surprising change from most weekend marketing events.

Quality would be my best describe my experiences,

All weekend at the J.W. Marriott, Desert Ridge.

It finished off with a Graduation Ceremony for Chris Record.

Put on as a surprise completely by his crew of 30 onsite leaders, that where Making it Work!

I  make a lot of offers to get each of you investing in your own education so you can get better results from your online activates.

I am planning on offering this college program in Online Marketing called, TecAdemics. Doors set to Open by Septemeber first.

I attended the launch convention with my mentors, Larry and Diane Hochman and their students in Scottsdale, two weeks ago.

I learned a lot by attending Live.

Already shared a bit, of it with my loyal followers on my newsletter.

If you want to get the promotion in your company?

Want to walk across the stage at your next company event?

You will welcome some help from some of the experts that have gone before you.

This is just a one minute clip of what Chris Record had to say.

You will have to wait till they release the recordings for more.

It is super simple when you focus on recruiting people that already have a circle of influence then your business will grow exponentially. 

If you invest your time convincing others that they should —-

My trusted advisor, Larry Hochman teaches, never Use the Word Should on Yourself or when talking about another.

If you think about it when do you, do your shoulds?

You should walk 10,000 steps daily

should drink eight glasses of filtered Water.

We Should not Share, that last piece of cake.

Do you see what happens when we say, we should do something?

You will get tired of all the Talking.

The time to take action is now.


Appreciation is at the Heart of the Matter.

Michael Gene Pearce

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Tolerance like a Buddhist?

The question of the day on Twitter is Tolerance or Intolerance?

My spiritual beliefs which lean toward Buddhism or Spiritaulism, if I could put a label on it.

I then turned, it into,

“Tolerance like a Buddhist or Intolerance Like a Facebook Troll?’

This brings me to the story of the day back in October last year I notice a bold young guy from India went by the name Aarayan  Karan.

He was sharing about Vedic Astrology.

A passion of mine for the past eight years, ever since I meet Phyllis Chubb, master astrologer and teacher of Conscious Self-awareness.

I knew when he made his friends request he was a friend Phyllis’s, so I accepted his request and weeks later I became his first International Customer. 

I was impressed with his reading and we became friends, he calls me Uncle because in his local customs it is rude to use a parent’s contemporaries’ first name.

Yesterday Karan’s Facebook account got blocked.


Facebook Jail!!!

Some Intolerant Troll on Facebook had reported him for something he did or said that was unacceptable.

Small problem for the young guy, he had set up his facebook account up using a professional surname and his first name. Not using his legal name. so when facebook asked to see id, it did not match.

Facebook, would not tell him, What he had done Wrong?

Or what he needed to do to fix the problem with them.

He contacted me, we talked last night.

I suggested he show facebook his dipolma from the Universary where he had taken his Bacholar in Astrogogy before coming online and hanging up his shingle to pratice. 

In India, it is a profession just like his day job as a stock broker

Turns out they saw his mistake as an honest one.

Asked him to use his legal name.

Now he has his account back to stay in touch with his client base of 2,200 friends on Facebook. 

If you knew Aarayan Karan, Stop by say hello he was the first Powur Advocates from India.

Visit  his > Facebook Page < Click the red text.

Say hello, he needs customers in the U. S. A. that want,  

0 Down Solar, installed on their Homes Rooftops. 

Karan is very happy he had a Veteran Mentor to help him with his online business, last night.

Joining my Powur team as the first SolarAdvocate in India, Saved his Professional Bacon.

I had asked him why he did not use his full name when we meet, he failed to understand why that had been an important question.

If I had not asked, I could never have understood what he had run a fowl of with his account yesterday.

I suggested he take this Course; How to Stay out of:  Facebook Jail. <

Click on that hot link in Red for free access to the basic training.

I beleive Karan Manchanda, will be asking me for my link to get his auto responder paid for and set up now. He needs to know he can contact his fans. Now that he has been disconnected from his customer base because  facebook controls his access there. Karan now understands after less than six months online what takes many people years to get. You are your business and you must opperate like a business and a business controls how it message get shared…

Awesome Stuff is on the Way!!!

Michael Gene Pearce,
Now, I will return you now, to your regularly scheduled broadcasts after the Legal stuff. Every time I do this correctly, I will make money from offers you take advantage of. If you want to learn more about creating ongoing income, promoting quality online training, products and services.
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WHY I Created a Blog?

Oval Me I Created my Blog; Michael Health  to share an Amazing story of a Former Fat Kid that gets a Second Chance at a Perfect Life!


After Nine Years of Living in a my Own Personal HELL.

At times it seamed everything I touched

Lost Value,    the home we had

Got Broken,   my “Custom Car” had a whole in the cylinder head

Quit being a good thing!

Like working for the biggest bank in the World, 

or It Simply Died on me.

Lost my Mom Heather to Liver Failure in December of 2011

Everything in My Life

Except for my Wife Angela and Daughters Oryanna and Bianca.

 Everything I cared about even most of My Friends was

Step by step through Accidents, Injuries or Illness.

It was all taken away from me.

WE sold your home after 8 years at break even

Angela Injured her back in a fall

I fell at work damaged my right shoulder

I was a victim of a road rage assault by a Drug Crazed Guy

Hit head on by a stolen car.

I was double crossed by small group of members of the Home Based Business group I was involved with. This small group did not want “MLM” Businesses in the group. They did not see me as Home Based because I worked out of a  <Branch Office>

Stupid part is that is a provincial requirement 

Not our Choice to Make!

Self Employment income that support us went from $30,000 to $1,000 in less than a calendar Year

Two of my three contracts jobs did not renew. One through no fault of my own the department manager offered the position I had been doing as relief for 6 months to her daughter, only three weeks after I gave up the part time maintenance position repairing News Paper Boxes.  

My Professional License renewal was not supported by the office I had work with for 8 years. When I needed support I got shown the door.

We no longer had the Same Vibe!

Remember, Like Attracts Like!


I Created this Communication Platform to Reach the People that want to change their Lives One Step at a Time!        


You found this Information for a Reason!

Makes you HappyI started doing this in the Hospital!

I had Six Days off it was the first time in 35 years. That is right I can not remember anytime in my life I have had six days without having to do anything. 

I asked for a piece of Paper and started  to write.

It is the first time in my Life I have ever enjoyed writing.

I had found my “VOICE”

Their was a story inside me that had to get out here was a guy that had done it all wrong when it came to his Health

  • Long Hours 45 a week
  • 50 weeks a year for 21 Years
  • Two Vacations (I did not enjoy because of the cost and travel hassles involved)
  • Left cooking to Help Others with their Money

That worked well for 8 years till the Market Crash of 2008 when the dust settled:

  • I was 100 pounds overweight
  • Had Dangerous High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Beat was always around 100 beats a minute
  • I had no energy or ambition left
  • Almost Dead at 46

If you Don ‘t want to end up here

You may want to follow my path back to long term health I have found so you will Live Longer and Prosper!

One Day at a Time as you Earn as you Learn to Blog about what makes you Unique!










Fixing your food Intake can be the easy part.

Toxic People are worse than Toxic Food usually you can tell right away if the Food is BAD!

If you want a different result you must take a different action !

I am more and more careful all the time who I listen too.

Having a On-Line Marketer Mindset!

What is “Having a On-Line Marketer Mindset”

Trick Question, Everyone You Know could use More Take Home Pay, Right?

Project Management

Measuring your own Results

Time Management

What is the Solution you provide?

Do you know what your perfect…    “Client Needs”

Change = Opportunities

Huge Change creates Lots of Problems so when we solve that Niche Clients Problem

We are Rewarded

What skills do you have already

Are willing to Learn the rest

How Do You Earn Money by Blogging?

Simple Answer,

“By talking about what matters to Your Niche”

My greatest challenge has been to change my own mindset


Mindsets play strange tricks on us.

We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.

– Muhammad Yunus


In Life the final push to the Finish Line usually is the hardest!

Slow Progress is still Progress

Many quit just a Success starts to happen

Never realising that the harvest that was slow to show a return

Once passive income is started it can quickly increase monthly

Till it has replaced your Regular Monthly Income

Now you would have choices to slow down or just keep accelerating your escape Plan?

This week on Thursday Oct 3 rd. @ 8 pm Pacific time

Follow this link get a

“Premium Educational Session”‘

With this Option:


How to Turn some leads into some Cheese!

Learn to Earn your First Dollar On-Line

If you are tired of wasting money trying to learn Internet Marketing,
I recommend a fantastic marketing training program

It starts with teaching you how to lay a solid foundation

From which you can create a profitable,
Personally Branded Sales Funnel with multiple streams of income.

After spending years and $1,000’s on other programs that fell short of their promises

I finally found the real deal.

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