Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

New adventure are everywhere if your eyes are open.

I finnaily answered a  question I have had for years,

Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

Two weeks a go I found a better mouse trap.

That said I don’t know if it will work any better than the last one?

If you read my Blog or get my personal newletter you know I support Solar>

Healthy Planet, Healthier You,

Clean air and water are the foundation of long term health.

The other title I played with was,

“Is Free, Worth Anything these Days?”

I know everyone is looking for ways to make money on line I have invested $1,000’s of dollars on memberships, training,travel and sign up fees.

I had always a assumed it was the Cost of Doing Business>

Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

If you ever wanted to join a clean energy company?
How about one that is free to join?
That offers commercail and residental in all 48 continental Untied States?
If you want to join my Solar Crew.
You can sign up for free Here.
You will be paid to sell sunshine and spread green energy options.
Help American families enjoy ownship of the energy they produce.

Our Ideal Crewmate

So you are interested in selling solar and other renewable energy products?

Our ideal crewmate is someone with: Integrity.

A person of character and committed to honest business practices.

Previous experience in the solar and/or energy sector.

Experience with in-home sales or sales in general

Self-motivated.We need people who are able to

Take their training and run wild with enthusiasm.

Access to a laptop/computer and smartphone and is proficient in their use.

Access to a reliable form of transportation

Unless you want to work from home using the internet like I do.

An ability to build rapport with clients.

Do people like and trust you?

Hint: You should be likable and trustworthy.

A teachable spirit.

There is always much to learn, especially in this ever-changing industry.

A servant leader.

Are you able to lead by example?

A growing network of relationships.

You will be paid handsomely on your own sales but if you have the ability to recruit others, your income is unlimited!

Still want to join our crew?
Click HERE  to sign up and begin your solar career with us!
Michael Gene Pearce

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