Doing Less Better, Creates Huge Results!

I have recently come to deeply understand that success is an inside Job.

To have Massive Success one must start small, then leverage the success by Anchoring it.

When I was not getting the results I knew I could,

I asked for advice.

My coach told me in Doing Less Better, Creates Huge Results.

Have you ever lied to your self?

When you say, “I am going to  Lose Wieght?”

Then given in to the bucket of ice cream later that same night?

Or this one, ‘I will contact ten new people”

Everytime you LIe to yourself you are training your brain not to truss you.

So when you are overwhemed what you are doing is not getting the results you know you want.


Start again from scratch.

Keep really simple but, do what ever is have said you will no matter what.

I started with one letter to my list everyday.

Week two I stepped it up told myself that i would create a post on my branded site and write to my list everyday.

When you do what you say always, you are training  your brain it can trust you.

Every time you keep your word you create a stronger belief.

A vicious cycle of sucess begins to build.

In the Guru Code Diane Hochman, Teaches that we always need to keep our word.

To ourselves and others.

Never say you will do something unless you are sure it will get done.

It is better to not say it at all.

Start with super simple.

I will sweep the entry way this morning, or 

I will get my partner breakfast today.

You need to get it done.

Never say it and not get it done.

Imagine how much easier life would be if people only said what they planned to do instead of making promises that they may keep?

Let’s look up Personal Integrity in the dictionary.

See if it is what is being related here in this lesson.

It is one of the four pillars of success.

Do what you say you will do…

Thanks for for reading this to the end.

I hope this lesson helps you like it helped me get things spinning in a positive way in your Life!


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