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Being present today to share with you is a GIFT!

I almost Died to meet You!

True story, I will get back to Later!

That said; Time to SHIFT Mindsets… 

SHIFT to positive Messages about Success.

Through this new understanding of myself.

I changed what I had been saying.

I had always thought it was impossible for a guy that has dyslexia publishing his thoughts. Yes, it was a huge challenge it really stretched me on top of publishing a post or a broadcast every day for the last four years. I have to memorize addresses and house order for a route of 250 plus homes of which 190 are at home right now. I triple dip every morning I get paid to do work that is a memory drill and gives me 4,500 steps towards my 10,000 every morning before 8 am. I use a FitBit what do you use.

Once I was physically fit it was time to make a few simple changes in language. I recently started attracting different people!

Boom, I recently started attracting different people!

People I can, Push Up to Success!

People who want to Help themselves by Taking Action.

People I really enjoy Helping and Supporting in their Long Term Growth.


I’ve never been into Chasing Money or Quick Conversions 

The messages you put out to the universe attract a specific type of person…

When you have 1,000’s, of any type of person,

It directly affects the growth of your business.


I had been doing the totally frustrating ‘Magical Answer Dance’ for a long, long time.

I thought I had found the cure for heart disease.

This is the Answer…

This product, guru, company or system…


Once you fix your mindset it is simple to attract the right kind of people?

I had to become the person they need…

I will Be Honest, I am sure of what I know.

Until new information creates a clearer picture.


I had an Amazing recovery story.

Problem was by telling it over and over again,

Kept me vibrating very slowly so all I attracted was the walking dead and the dying, that needed a miracle.


Lesson learned.

Amazing recovery story inside you.

Share it later; do not lead with it up front.


Facing Death, Scares People to Death!    

To all the three amazing counselors, I have met during this walk around the Sun.

Each of you will love this clip. 

So as Dr. Bob Newhart Says,

Stop It!

If want it Harsh but Real,

I am your guy!


In the last six months, one of my students recruited ten people into a new business we both promote.

  She made her first, full cash sale.

    Qualified for a $250 Bonus!

      By Recruiting, three partners in a Week!


My Dad Peter, who will be 75 this year.

Got his first free lead for Powur by using attraction marketing skills he mastered.

Can you Imagine, what he has seen, lots of different stuff for sale over the past 50 – 60 years?

Knee to knee, Kitchen table, Old School Marketing Stuff!

Flash Forward to Now!

Working from his home, here on Vancouver Island.

Using the Internet he has connected with a real person, from Ontario that wants to promote Solar.

How Cool is that?

It can work the same way for you.

If a 70 Plus-year-old great-grandfather of 9 can do it!

So can you…


I am looking for Students that want to be leaders?

That understand how following the right person that is little ahead of them, will take years off the Learning Curve.

I can help you connect with the masters and teachers I worked with.

The Heart Set Expert: Who’s Mind Intensive helped Re-Program Me for Success!

I know the Queen of Attraction Marketing, for the Basics of Marketing, You!

Do you want to Attend a Global Mastermind, that has been attended by million dollar earners.

I have studied with Advanced Spiritual Masters that can teach you, How to Breathe correctly and then work on Stopping your Conscious Mind from talking back.

I know about restoring your physical health, Setting up a Blog, and sharing what works Online.

What You Will Get:

Access to the Inner Circle: Recorded Education Sessions;

Live Google Hangout, with weekly Q & A.

I KNOW ALL THE BEST tools & online services you will need as you grow yourself and your business.

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PS. Remember I owe you the story of,

How I almost Died to meet You!

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How a #310-pound man had who had three heart attacks and lived to tell the Tale.

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PS< See you on the Inside side!