Do You Feel, Well Aged?

I just turned fifty-one.

Never planned on Living this long.

If you had asked me at 40 something I would have had to tell you I wanted to quit.

I almost did Quit!

I was so depressed at one time.

I was seriously thinking about killing myself.

Felt like crap all the time,

I was over three hunderd pounds and truly tired of Living.


Then I found MichaelsHealthAnswer,

Having just turned 51, I am happy to report I am in the best health and physical shape of my adult life.

Do You Feel, Well Aged?

Is Life Good?

Even if you take care of yourself time passes by and one day you wake up and your fifty-one.

Wow it has been a great ride.

I appreciate the fact have my health.

I live with the love of my Life.

I have kids and grandkids that Love me.

I have rewarding work that let’s me make money,

Helping others get healthier. 


I am going to keep sing my song till the end of time

Thanks to You-Tube and reach created using Social Media.

I hope you are having an awesome day and if you ever want to learn what I did and how I released over 100 pounds?

You need to visit, add your name to get my free E-box,

“Your Heart Attack Survival Guide”

Cheers, Here’s to hoping you are Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser today than on your last Birthday.

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Michael Gene Pearce

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