“Everything under the Sun!”

Are you an alternative Music Lover?

I like simple songs with a message and this song spook to me when I listened to it this morning.

It was so impactful I had to share it here on my Blog.

I have at time felt these message not worth the effort to share them with the world and can relate to the lyrics of this song,

I wish I could sing well enough to get my message out this way.

Everything under the Sun!”

The first song was deep kind of depressing so I thought this might counter balance. “It is Good to Be Alive Today”

Michael Franti is a great spokesperson for positive change,

The Line I really love is, “What if the Song was Number One?”

If it is all about the cashflow, that means we can effect change just by making better choice when we invest our money.

Speak up, use your personal spending to vote for positve change.

Decide at every oppertunity to effect small changes so they add up for the common good over time. 

Simple things like upgrade to LCD Lighting.

Click here to find out why you need to get a “Nest Thermosate to help you save daily on your energy consumption.

Go all in get yourself a zero down rooftop solar system from the number one provider in the world.

I am waiting till the merger goes through and we can offer Tesla Products like the Power Wall to the world.

What do you plan to do that will save you money and have massive impact on the planet for good.

Powur is always looking for ambassadors that understand we all need to do what ever we can to get this no out of pocket, clean green answer on the roofs to start more homeowners saving money on their energy bill.


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