Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!


AS we close out the year I like to stop look back.

Make sure I have learned from all the lessons from the past year.

Then before I turn the page.

I check for any possible gains because

Every Cloud Has a Silver Linning!

"Who is Going to Save Us? We are the Choosen Ones!

Every Cloud Has a Silver linning

This car pictured above is an example.

I Bought it 10 weeks ago for half market value and have had no end to the problems.

First it was a idle problem needed a quick reset.

Then the rear brakes needed the slides greased and a cylinder freed up.

Then it started to use oil like I had never seen in the 35 years of owning  many different models.

About 120 different cars in my Life, so far.

Talked with my Mechanic who once worked for Nissan,

He said that these 2.5 litre motors had lots of problems with intake parts or exhaust materials ending up in the cylinders.

Both had recalls in their respective  service notices at the dealerships

We spilt the intake checked to see if the screws from the butterfly valves where missing,?

Four had been changed. but not lock tied to make sure they stayed put. (Service Notice 2006)

Used a bore scope checked inside and found damage in cylinders two and three.

Nissan said this model was not part of that recall for the intake parts but if I could show cat. failure they would fix it for me.

Back to the shop.

Had Mike use the bore scope to take pictures of the insides of the Cataltic Converter showing the missing material.

Then do a compression test to check motors internals.

Cylinders, two and four failed, 40% Below specs.

One and three showed, 10% drop in pressure

Sent all the pictures and info to Nissan today.

Waiting to hear back.

See if this car is one of this years, silver linings?

Do I get a new motor and cat. installed with a  60,000K warranty for only the labour bill, parts all covered by Nissan Canada.


Do I have to scrap it and sell it for parts, to see a return on my investment.

Either way I am very happy we still have a 99 Golf I can use for my route, till It gets sorted.

Super Happy, we own three running cars.

Here is the case just settled in the states:  https://eclaim.kccllc.net/caclaimforms/nsx/home.aspx

Since I shared the rough stuff, I want to end on a positive note.

One of the most vaulable resent lesson has been the power of Gratitude in Action.

I am Grateful for my Loving Family!

I am almost at my fifth anniversary of that near death expreince and happy to report still in the top half of the class of 2012.

I look at it that way because half of all heart attack survivors do not live another five years.

I am blessed with better opportunities in a more profit business models then last year.

My Paper customers are more gratitude every year, I serve then.

I guess if your morning paper is important enough that you pay for it, you apperciate recieving it early.

I know I like being dome at 8 am.

Wish a Happy and Prosperous New year to you and your whole Family.


PS< As an aside, I am super excited about Angelas’ extented health benefits from her Permentant part time job in the circulation department of the local Newspaper.

I Start the journey to dental health getting upper teeth repaired.

Waiting for a consult with my doctor.

That WAY I will be out cold, when they remove the broken TEETH

that need to be removed so I can get an upper plate made.

Finally at age 51 I need glasses for driving.

Tech said, if I had failed third line with the left eye it would have meant it would ned to be noted on my D.L.

Sliver Lining; we both have group coverages, that covers a lot of it.

2016 has been a great year personally.

Health wise Dental is up to date for Anegela,

Eyes checked for both of us.

Wealthier, Made more than we spent…

Wiser, I finailly get why being an entrepreneur can never be about the Company, a Product, Comp. plan, Timing or the Service offered.

Did I figure out what this audience needed?

Was the offer clearly defind?

Did they tell me, they wanted what I offered them?


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