Do you Value Yourself?

Do you value yourself, enough that you are constantly looking for better ways to take better care of you?

Have you embraced  the benefits purifying the water you consume?

A simple Brita filter will deal with 99% of water born Contaminant.

Do you value yourself enough to invest money every month in super foods?


Do you invest time in doing some type of active medation?

I do Mantra six morning, halfway through my delivery route around 5:30 am.
Mantra is a form of meditation.
Yesterday I listened to a
Mindvalley Training on Meditation with Tom Cronin.
Mindfulness: Accessing the Stillness Within.
He says their are Four types of Meditation:
Focus Based: breathing, mandala or a candle
Concetration: thought forms, visaulizing, thinking about how we react.
Chanting: Mantra like I do most mornings before sunrise.
Guided Meditation: listen to a leader talking you through the process.
Finding time to listen in silence for your own inner voice to speak to you is what each of these disipline help with. To me it is as improtant as breathing or start my day out with the best quality food.
Lesson for the day: Use pray beads if you want to do Mantra counting  to 108 on your fingers is really distracting.
If you want a set for yourself let me know I imported some from India
You can have a set for $18 Canadain + $6 S & H.
Call me at 1-250-703-6967
Once you pay my Paypal account I will mail them to you the same day.
I am offering these at half what they retail for locally in  a new age shop here.
These beautiful 10 millimeter Rosewood beads are from a Village just outside, New Delhi in India.
Karan Manchanda our Powur Advocate from India went to the small village just east of the city and purchased these from the local people that made then by hand.
I knew that buying  from the source was the best way to go.
If you are not planning y to visit India or Tibet it might be hard to come by beautiful pieces like these.

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