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Do You Have a Plan B?

When I helped families improve their personal finances we used a Presentation, we called,

“Do you have a Plan B?”

A good life is filled with great choices?

I have recently found a better way to promote clean energy.

Simple Solar Ownership. with CREW, Geostellar, and Solar Site Design, all partnered together to give homeowners and business owners a better, simpler way to go solar.

You can leverage the free tools provided by CREW and these excellent solar project platforms to get more solar proposals into the hands of your prospect.



I have cut a special Video it explains the difference between what I had been doing this past year.

To What I am Promoting now as a better option.

It is free to join and pays huge money for every customer you help get a Ground or Rooftop Solar System installed in their Home or Business.

As this industry grows better ideas appear and new programs are launched.

You heard it before.

You don’t know till you know.

Then once you know you can make the best choice.

Do You have a Plan B?

With the $0- Down EmpowerLoan™, own your energy and turn your monthly electric bill into an investment – not just another monthly expense.

*To keep your interest rate low, the EmpowerLoan terms provide for a 30% principal payment (the “Incentive Payment”) by the end of the 16th month.

This money can come from the Investment Tax Credit.

If you don’t make this payment, your interest will increase.

**Please consult your tax advisor to determine your tax credit eligibility.

CREW does not provide legal or tax advice.

Your Economics will deside how fast you can take back your power.

$0- Down loan with a Low fixed rate*

You receive tax benefits**

No pre-payment penalties.

Own, don’t rent, your electricity.

Need Full Service, We’ve got you covered.

Hassle-free ownership, Full service warranty, Performance guarantee, Production monitoring, High-quality installation, Simple, No more paperwork.

Instant credit decision, Streamlined process Online loan execution, Automated payments, No lien on your home.

It’s About the Customers first. Always.

Quality- We are Obsessed to create an outstanding solar experience.

Think Solar, Own it (don’t rent).

We Spread Sunshine as Your CREW Energy Advisor can Save you money and help to harness the natural energy of the Sun.

If you where invovled with a company that sponsored Plan A, you would want to know about Plan B, Right?

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Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

New adventure are everywhere if your eyes are open.

I finnaily answered a  question I have had for years,

Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

Two weeks a go I found a better mouse trap.

That said I don’t know if it will work any better than the last one?

If you read my Blog or get my personal newletter you know I support Solar>

Healthy Planet, Healthier You,

Clean air and water are the foundation of long term health.

The other title I played with was,

“Is Free, Worth Anything these Days?”

I know everyone is looking for ways to make money on line I have invested $1,000’s of dollars on memberships, training,travel and sign up fees.

I had always a assumed it was the Cost of Doing Business>

Is it Possible to Start a Bussiness for Free?

If you ever wanted to join a clean energy company?
How about one that is free to join?
That offers commercail and residental in all 48 continental Untied States?
If you want to join my Solar Crew.
You can sign up for free Here.
You will be paid to sell sunshine and spread green energy options.
Help American families enjoy ownship of the energy they produce.

Our Ideal Crewmate

So you are interested in selling solar and other renewable energy products?

Our ideal crewmate is someone with: Integrity.

A person of character and committed to honest business practices.

Previous experience in the solar and/or energy sector.

Experience with in-home sales or sales in general

Self-motivated.We need people who are able to

Take their training and run wild with enthusiasm.

Access to a laptop/computer and smartphone and is proficient in their use.

Access to a reliable form of transportation

Unless you want to work from home using the internet like I do.

An ability to build rapport with clients.

Do people like and trust you?

Hint: You should be likable and trustworthy.

A teachable spirit.

There is always much to learn, especially in this ever-changing industry.

A servant leader.

Are you able to lead by example?

A growing network of relationships.

You will be paid handsomely on your own sales but if you have the ability to recruit others, your income is unlimited!

Still want to join our crew?
Click HERE  to sign up and begin your solar career with us!
Michael Gene Pearce

Do You Feel, Well Aged?

I just turned fifty-one.

Never planned on Living this long.

If you had asked me at 40 something I would have had to tell you I wanted to quit.

I almost did Quit!

I was so depressed at one time.

I was seriously thinking about killing myself.

Felt like crap all the time,

I was over three hunderd pounds and truly tired of Living.


Then I found MichaelsHealthAnswer,

Having just turned 51, I am happy to report I am in the best health and physical shape of my adult life.

Do You Feel, Well Aged?

Is Life Good?

Even if you take care of yourself time passes by and one day you wake up and your fifty-one.

Wow it has been a great ride.

I appreciate the fact have my health.

I live with the love of my Life.

I have kids and grandkids that Love me.

I have rewarding work that let’s me make money,

Helping others get healthier. 


I am going to keep sing my song till the end of time

Thanks to You-Tube and reach created using Social Media.

I hope you are having an awesome day and if you ever want to learn what I did and how I released over 100 pounds?

You need to visit, add your name to get my free E-box,

“Your Heart Attack Survival Guide”

Cheers, Here’s to hoping you are Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser today than on your last Birthday.

If you found my post: Do You Feel, Well Aged?

Helpful leave a comment and then share with someone facing a health challenge.

Michael Gene Pearce


Are You Excited about T.E.C. Tuesdays?

Are You Excited about T.E.C. Tuesdays

T.E.C. stands for The Entrepeneurs Club

If you knew the value of this paid training from Tecademics.

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Is just one of the 35 training Vidoes availiable with your free membership to TecAdemics University

I hope now that you know whats being offered,

You Excited about T.E.C. Tuesdays?”

The best investment one can make is in yourself, learn skills and methods that work from teachers that are having success makes a lot of sense.

If you found value?


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