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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

“Who is Going to Save Us?”

It is Friday and time for weekly inspiration.

I live in Canada and as I sit here looking at all the posts about who’s the right leader for the Untied States of America in ten days.

The lyrics from this song,

“Who is Going to Save Us?” ring in my ears.

This musical truth, works on so many levels.

Relate it to this upcoming election, or as it relates to each of us as an individual embracing our own Power.

We each choose to be here at this point in human evolution to witness the coming of this new age.

Age of Pieces was all about duality. the age of Aquarius We need to choose a new system from Sandra Weavers Blog.

“The Age of Aquarius is causing great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call this a disaster, as the world appears to be falling apart, but is it?

The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depends on our choice and the change will take place whether we like it or not.

Now we must, Stand Up for your Beliefs> 

Sing your Own Song,

Share your Unique Self.

This singer Prince Ea has found away to help others see through the illusions that have been created by televison and the medias’ desire to have ratings and make money before their job which was to telling the whole story so we can act with all the facts.

We are the Who in, “Who is Going to Save Us?


I am not huge fan of rap but Prince Ea uses his fame to shine a light on the biggest problems facing modern man.

He has a No B.S. approach I lkie and if this resonates with you?

Check out more his Vidoes on this You-tube Playlist.

I hope you have a exciting weekend planned?

PS < I am  gratiful to use Angelas’ new to us, car.

Now that the rear brakes have been greased and adjusted it drives a lot better.

Small details are important, one slide on a caliper needed greased and the other side the caliper was stiff needed the pistion freed up inside the cylinder.

Drives like a new car. 

Michael Gene Pearce

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Comment, below if you can relate.

“Who is Going to Save Us?

We are Going to Save, US!

Do you have a Dream?

Do you have a Dream?

Not a pipe dream but the, “I have a Dream”

Type that Martin Luther, shared with the world.

Each person incarnates with mission or a life’s’ purpose.

With half the race run, I believe I have found mine.

I am Teacher and Coach individaul to embrace wellness.

If you had told me ten years ago I would grow and become a published author.

You be recognized as number Twenty – two in the

Top 50 MLM’s Blogging Contest.

I would have told you,

“You are Crazy!”

I had spent the first 30 years working hard, burning the candle at both ends.

It cost me my health, left me overweight and depressed, suffering from Chest pains.

The third time that happened, my Wife Angela takes me to emergency.

An hour later I find myself, flat on my back being loaded into a jet chopper in a crash basket.

Life changes in a matter of a few seconds.


Do you believe in Angels, I do married to one named, Angela.

When we said we would be together in sickness and health.

She, really meant it!

Once I had started to recover from the congestive heart failure I figured out I had to share how I was thriving not just surviving.

One year after that life changing event.

I pushed aside the belief that my learning disabilities would prevent me from writing a book or publishing a blog post.

We create our own limits.

Once I decided it would not be a problem anymore.

I discovered Grammarly and the spelling and grammar improved.

If you let the label limit you it will keep you looking outside yourself for the next great product, coach or teacher.

Been there, Done that! 

Figure out what needs to be done, then do it.

Set goals long & short term so you can measure your progress.

Always  speaking in gratitude for what you have been blessed with in youir Life.

If you Do you have a Dream?

Let me know I might be able to help you get started sharing it?


Do you Value Yourself?

Do you value yourself, enough that you are constantly looking for better ways to take better care of you?

Have you embraced  the benefits purifying the water you consume?

A simple Brita filter will deal with 99% of water born Contaminant.

Do you value yourself enough to invest money every month in super foods?


Do you invest time in doing some type of active medation?

I do Mantra six morning, halfway through my delivery route around 5:30 am.
Mantra is a form of meditation.
Yesterday I listened to a
Mindvalley Training on Meditation with Tom Cronin.
Mindfulness: Accessing the Stillness Within.
He says their are Four types of Meditation:
Focus Based: breathing, mandala or a candle
Concetration: thought forms, visaulizing, thinking about how we react.
Chanting: Mantra like I do most mornings before sunrise.
Guided Meditation: listen to a leader talking you through the process.
Finding time to listen in silence for your own inner voice to speak to you is what each of these disipline help with. To me it is as improtant as breathing or start my day out with the best quality food.
Lesson for the day: Use pray beads if you want to do Mantra counting  to 108 on your fingers is really distracting.
If you want a set for yourself let me know I imported some from India
You can have a set for $18 Canadain + $6 S & H.
Call me at 1-250-703-6967
Once you pay my Paypal account I will mail them to you the same day.
I am offering these at half what they retail for locally in  a new age shop here.
These beautiful 10 millimeter Rosewood beads are from a Village just outside, New Delhi in India.
Karan Manchanda our Powur Advocate from India went to the small village just east of the city and purchased these from the local people that made then by hand.
I knew that buying  from the source was the best way to go.
If you are not planning y to visit India or Tibet it might be hard to come by beautiful pieces like these.

“Everything under the Sun!”

Are you an alternative Music Lover?

I like simple songs with a message and this song spook to me when I listened to it this morning.

It was so impactful I had to share it here on my Blog.

I have at time felt these message not worth the effort to share them with the world and can relate to the lyrics of this song,

I wish I could sing well enough to get my message out this way.

Everything under the Sun!”

The first song was deep kind of depressing so I thought this might counter balance. “It is Good to Be Alive Today”

Michael Franti is a great spokesperson for positive change,

The Line I really love is, “What if the Song was Number One?”

If it is all about the cashflow, that means we can effect change just by making better choice when we invest our money.

Speak up, use your personal spending to vote for positve change.

Decide at every oppertunity to effect small changes so they add up for the common good over time. 

Simple things like upgrade to LCD Lighting.

Click here to find out why you need to get a “Nest Thermosate to help you save daily on your energy consumption.

Go all in get yourself a zero down rooftop solar system from the number one provider in the world.

I am waiting till the merger goes through and we can offer Tesla Products like the Power Wall to the world.

What do you plan to do that will save you money and have massive impact on the planet for good.

Powur is always looking for ambassadors that understand we all need to do what ever we can to get this no out of pocket, clean green answer on the roofs to start more homeowners saving money on their energy bill.



Do You Ask for Help?

When you are having a problem, Do You Ask for Help?

Do you think you need to figure it out for youirself or find an expert and ask help!

I have been looking for  quality used car for the month.

Never in my fifty years have I had this much difficultity find a used car I want.

Karan my freind from India said, “That is because  buying  a car is  like dating.

You know what you want, better yet you know what you don’t want.

AS I get older it does become clearer what I am wiling to put up.

I asked for help from a retired freind he is a car guy and most of his freinds are retired car guys.

Before I finished discribibg what I wanted he had two ideas to check up on.

Including a  freind from parksville that owns five and is downsizing has winter wanted to sell two of them.

Bill is a wise man and he knows cars. he is the proud owner of a 2000 TR7 in Red, and his daily driver is a hard to find 1998 Volvo 740 wagon with a 2.3L and a 5 speed.

I will leave it with him for a few days then get back into test driving.

If you needed help creating a Website  or  putting together an offer to gather interested parties to your team, who would you ask for help?

I am always willing to help someone starting out, as long as the are coachable.

Do You Ask for Help?

I am learning again that together we are stronger and it is from your network  that you will find the ideas and information your need to grow yourself and to grow your online business.

If you want to join TecAdemics for free click here: Follow this link.

If you need help just ask.

Michael Gene Pearce


Be Paid to Share Quality Education?

I started with a simple question.

Do you want to “Be Paid to Share Quality Education?”

The more time I spend online the more I see others finding success in sharing education sites and products.

Information about what works now is invaluable to new people and expreinced veterans.

I have heard it said the death of knowledge is believing you knowing it all.

Once you beleive you know it all, your subconscious mind will disregard new facts that do not support your belief.

This is called cognitive blias and is the reason lots of people get stuck where they have been.

Check out this audio clip from Dr. Robert Anthony called Thoughts

Being the Cause is the answer to your self confidance.

If you believe it was something or some one else caused it to happen,  you are stuck on the effect, side of the equation.

If you take personal responsibility for where you are you can change it.

If you beleive others poeple, god or the universe caused it you are screwed.

This simple misconception and will cause you to remain powerless to create effective changes in your reality .

If you want to get access to free training that will lay the foundation to biuld an online income follow this link and join: TecAdemics for free as an Advocate.

Once you are setup you can offer the paid prducts and get paid.

See you on then inside where you will learn how you can,

Be Paid to Share Quality Education.

Mind Valley Academy Masterclasses

I have been a follower of Vishen Lakhianis’ since before Mind Valley existed.

For the last few months I been catching these free,

Mind Valley Academy Masterclasses, every two weeks.

These Master classes  have been a fantasic expreince.

I got access when I bought Vishens Book, Earlier this year.

“The Code of the Extordinary Mind.”

In chaphter nine. Be Unfuckwithable,

“Extraordinary minds do not need to seek validation from outside opinions or through the attainment of goals. Instead, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them. They live fearleassly-immune to criticism or praise and are fueled by their own inner self-love.”

I still working on this one.

How I feel is less and less influenced by anything other than my own thought.

Do you check your own self talk?

Remember what you beleive is true is true for you.

Click on the red Text, If you want another take on this read what the Huffington post says.

Do you want to sign up for this weeks, Mind Valley Master Class?

Follow this Hot Link to Sign up here.


Re-Focus on Humanity on Abundance?

Now I Have finally finished, 

the book I got at the convention for Powur back in August.

It answers the question I started with Re-Focus on Humanity on Abundance?”

In the Guidebook called Abundance,

Peter H. Diamondis and Steven Kotler,

They say, ‘We will soon have the ability to meet and exceed the basic needs of every Man, Woman, and Child on the planet.”

“Abundance for all is within grasp.”

Thank you Jonathan Budd, and the whole head office team at Powur for opening our eyes to the magnitude of the problem.

Then sending me home with this guidebook filled wth solutions.

I believe in acting locally while thinking globally.

Green Energy where I can offer Roof Top Solar.

Balanced by offering vertical gardening supplies                                      to the smart locals that want to grow there own food stuff.

I am going to look into retailing small scale airoponics gardens for home and restraunt use.

Everyone could use more time under full stectrum lights.

I enjoy using my green thumb for something other then the              huge filter planets, we have all over the house.

We have a six foot tall rubber plant in the living room.

Did you know having house planets that filter your air is another, basic health tip.

If you understand the importantance of filtering your drinking water you might want to filter the water you use on the planets you plan to eat.

Growing some food will return to me control over few things I love.

Reducing Food Cost at Home.

While increasing the quality of what we eat.

I have missed getting the pick of the best quality fresh raw food since  leaving cooking trade15 years ago.

PLUS,  Having something to market will help me connect LOCALLY with other healthy food advocates.

The type of Person that care that much about what they put in their bodies.

Will want to get connected with clean energy as soon as it is made availible here.

What are you doing to decrease your Carbon Foot Print?

Get the book enjoy your education into the exponential growth that can be achieved by human harnessing innovation.

After reading the Book, think about how you can be part of the next generation of clean green solutions makers that are solving the worlds most pressing problems?

Abundance, gives me hope.

Seeing how far we have come in two and a half generations I have witnessed in my fifty years.

It has seen the advent of the cell phone it by itself has replaced $10,000 worth of stuff.

When I was young you needed a Home Phone, Camera, Typewriter, Photo album, Roladex, etc.