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Use this New Moon to Plant Seeds

Today is the best day this month to plan for future successes, start something new.

The seeds you plant now will grow well over the next year if you,     “Use this New Moon to Plant Seeds.”

Do you want to start a new business?

Have you ever wanted to go back to school?

Have you found your passion project yet?

I have have found a  few, I am striving to make the world a better place.

I am an early adopter of the new online universary – TecAdemics

This is a whole new idea in education the introductory basics are free with your sign up.

I know about the best supplements available to restore your physical health.

My own recovery shows how increasing the quality while decreasing the quanity changed me from 310 to 190 pounds today.

Itwas so big  adeal |I created MichaelsHealthAnswers to share about my complete recovery after being over 300 pounds and suffering three heart attack over three days and getting an airlift to have emergency surgery.

I have found a company that is focused on reducing the carbon dioxide that is going into the atmosphere from human causes.

Have you ever wanted to Go Green?

Take a Stand for the Future of this Planet!

I know where you can find the best deal on the tools needed to work online.

I have been a coach since I was twelve years old.

I taught figure skating for five years.

Watching a young child make it accross the rink for the first time, is magical.

I feel the same way today when a student makes money from an offer they make online.

Do you love what you do?

Does it create time freedom so you can do what you want everyday?

If this resonated with you?

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Four Moves Forward Following Two Steps Backwards

I am sure everyone reading this has had a few
 curve balls thrown their way in this Life time.
So today topic is how I expect ,
“Four Moves Forward Following Two Steps Backwards”
I got both last week, Chipped a tooth in my VW Golf. 
Which inside the gear box which causes aTerminal Failure.
Two days later Bianca asked to move back home.
 Her and Nixon who is just five months needed a room.
  They had only been out on there own for 10 weeks. 
Love my kids and would never let, 
 Either one of them end up on the street.
  Two days helping her move stuff home.
Followed by a day moving my office back into the dinning area.
 Made getting E-mails done in a timely fashion, impossible.
Do you have kids or grandkids?
 Angela and I have two daughters,
  Oryanna and Bianca
Between them they have given us four grandkids,
 Xander, Brooklyn, Nathan and Nixon
  Is the youngest at five months.
Nine of us live in five bedroom,
 Four bath monster home in a nice area.
   Good and Bad in this arrangement.
I get to pickup the oldest two at school, four afternoons a week.
 Other Grandma does the Fridays, keep all three overnight.
  Grand Kids are a blast, we come home unpack their lunch bags,
Empting the dishwasher is Xander chore,
 Then I help Brooklyn load it.
  Set them up with an educational activity, till dad,
Dwanye gets home, between four and five.
I am free when grandma gets home before, three pm.
 I have a great wife, Angela has been at my side for 32 years now.
  We have only been apart less than 60 days total.
Travel for Schooling or Company events, that it.
Hope you enjoyed this peek into my personal life.
 I share it because I am hoping it will motive,  
  You when you understand the life style choices it offers.
You might start doing the Self-Improvement, while
 Educating yourself on what you would need to do
  To have this same sort of Freedom of Choice. 
It allows me to participate actively in the family life I missed,
 the first time around when I was working ten hour day.
  50 weeks a year for 21 years as a Chef.
Michael Gene Pearce,
 Getting to the Heart of the Matter!
PS< the Bad I spoke about above.
Every years as I age  
 I enjoy Total Silent, more.
  Good thing for eveyone
I get my quite time
 Driving my route early in my
   Morning getting my daily exercise.
If you foumd value please comment here and
then share it in your socail media.
Thank you in Advance.

Do you see Problems or Solutions

In the past my super power has always been the ability to find “the problem then find a solution.”

This has proven to be a two edge sword.

When I was a Chef I used this talent to find ways to save the owner money, making myself invaulable to the bottom line.

Most owners profit went in to the garbage can because of poor rotations, improper storage of food items, waste during basic processing, or over preparing.

Also I had two employers audit for underpaying all the staff, got fired later. It is always worth it to do the right thing.

I was Born a Whistle Blower.

When I coached family with their basic finances it allowed me this natural talent let me to quickly find the problems happening with their cashflow.

  • Over priced coverage,
  • Wrong kind of insurance, or
  • Simply no coverage at all.
  • Low returns on investment, 
  • No Emergency Savings

When I started expriencing health problems it worked for me again. 

Do you know anyone with any of these Problems?

  • Totally inactive, Sleeping ten hours a day working 10 hours a week
  • I was < 100 pounds overweight,
  • Low Good and High Bad Cholesterol, with
  • High Blood Pressure that was often 110/180.
  • Clinical Depression after the stock market crash in 2008

It took almost a year of research, and then seeing the results a freind at toastmasters was having with her health challenges.

I got started eating breakfast for the first time in years.

It turns out when you eat can be as improtant as what you eat. 

Not only did I start eating a clean pure protein to kick start my body, but it came with 13 % improvement in Muscular Preformance and Naturally boosted my Immune system.

I got me on the healthiest raw food I could find.

Still had a to expreince a three heart attack in three days to get me off my ass and on my feet walking. 

Once I had found Michaels’ Health Answer life started

“Getting better every day in every way” as the saying goes.


When the company said I was on my own if I got sued, I had to find something new to promote.

The Companies Legal department asked me to stop making any heart related, HEALTH CLAIMS.

It almost broke my heart then, now I get it.

It is impossible to prove that Immunocal prevented any heart muslce damage because a doulbe blind clinical trail can not be done where  40% in the Blind part of the study will, Die.

Next part of my jounrey lead me too find the ulimate health solution.

Finally I have found a company that offers to pay us for doing what is right for everyone and the planet.

If you think about it Supporting Clean Energy is the best choice period.

Healthier Enviroment on the Planet,

Preventing  Green house gases from be added to the air we breath.

Slowing the contamination of the water supply we need to drink.

If you want to know about healthier online busieness you are on the right site.

If you want eat the best Raw foods that restore vitality naturally.

People that want to use Rooftop solar as their clean energy supply.

If you know someone that need help in any of these areas.

Share this post with them.

It wil benefit all invovled.

If you have any questions sign up for the newsletter at top on the right.

all my freinds are crazy

Dreamers Who’s Song are you Singing?

Hello, Visitors, Michael Pearce here with a Site Update!

I have decided to work with a team of networkers and promoters that will work together to grow and promote the solutions providers to each other’s followings so that together we can each reach a larger audience and experience exponential growth.

I know that all of the members of this group are long term friends and follower or new positive individuals.

My posts cover healthy lifestyles using raw concentrated whole foods being the best natural solution we have to the problems with the food supplied us from a broken system take no longer works for the masses.

I have also have the macro answer to balance the indivdiaul solution of improved immune health. Clean Energy is the ulimate answer.

Healthy planet > Healthier people!

If you have a song you are happy to sing, I can help you improve that too.

I know an where you can find an online university education provided in a classroom with a teacher that has had real world sucess at what they are teaching you in the class.

If you need a song or just a new song.

I know a few that add value to the world!!!

Change is the only constant

Add your Best E- Mail to the box on the right > > >

If this sounds like your next step in the Right Direction.

I am ready to share my 15 years of self-employment knowledge with any member of this group or any teammate in one of my online businesses and/or the training platforms that have supported my growth…

Getting to the Heart of the Matter!

Michael Pearce

PS.Success is created by a systematic improve ones-self and continually improving and redefining what you have to offer the marketplace.

Doing Less Better, Creates Huge Results!

I have recently come to deeply understand that success is an inside Job.

To have Massive Success one must start small, then leverage the success by Anchoring it.

When I was not getting the results I knew I could,

I asked for advice.

My coach told me in Doing Less Better, Creates Huge Results.

Have you ever lied to your self?

When you say, “I am going to  Lose Wieght?”

Then given in to the bucket of ice cream later that same night?

Or this one, ‘I will contact ten new people”

Everytime you LIe to yourself you are training your brain not to truss you.

So when you are overwhemed what you are doing is not getting the results you know you want.


Start again from scratch.

Keep really simple but, do what ever is have said you will no matter what.

I started with one letter to my list everyday.

Week two I stepped it up told myself that i would create a post on my branded site and write to my list everyday.

When you do what you say always, you are training  your brain it can trust you.

Every time you keep your word you create a stronger belief.

A vicious cycle of sucess begins to build.

In the Guru Code Diane Hochman, Teaches that we always need to keep our word.

To ourselves and others.

Never say you will do something unless you are sure it will get done.

It is better to not say it at all.

Start with super simple.

I will sweep the entry way this morning, or 

I will get my partner breakfast today.

You need to get it done.

Never say it and not get it done.

Imagine how much easier life would be if people only said what they planned to do instead of making promises that they may keep?

Let’s look up Personal Integrity in the dictionary.

See if it is what is being related here in this lesson.

It is one of the four pillars of success.

Do what you say you will do…

Thanks for for reading this to the end.

I hope this lesson helps you like it helped me get things spinning in a positive way in your Life!


PS< If this post, “Doing Less Better, Creates Huge Results!

Made sense to you,

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This How We Do It!


I have started to Post and use Videos to re-introduce 

To the world.

I had been distracted for  BIT.

INVESTED the last year learning a business model from a marketing legend.

Jonathon Budd, the Unstopable Entrepreneur.

Biulding a team of Advocates to stand up for Mother Earth.

At the same time I have been re – creating myself.

Evolving one might say.

When I was getting health all could talk about was how that worked for the first four years as I learned how online businesses really work.

Then It was about the teachers and trainers,

I had used to find my place and figure out what I had to offer that added vaule to others lives.

That lead me to Offering Immunocal> The Guru Code> Deep Abyss> the Three Minute Expert>  Twist your List> Powur> TecAdemics.

Life has come full circle.

Returning to the Source,

Education and coaching others to overcome there fears and doubts was my first passion.

I coached small childern to figure skate, started when I was twelve,

Thrity-nine years this fall helping others move forward and get back up when they fall down.

It still brings a smile to my face the first time a child makes it accross the rink or when teammate makes their first sale.

If you want to get started, add your name and E-mail in the box to the right.

If you want to get started share this post with others and PM me on Facebook.

Super Simple.

Newsletter offers Tips and advice.

PM me will let me know you are serious.

Sharing this post shows you can follow directions.

Thank you each in Advance for making my day brighter.

Michael Gene Pearce



What do you want from Modern Life?

I want to take a moment and ask,

What do you want from Modern Life?”



Are you having the Devo expreince?

I had this problem as long as I was chasing money.

I have changed direction, i still enjoy it when I get paid.

I have heard it shared this way,

“When you love what you do it is not work.”

If you have a found a way to give back, help others and still get paid you have modern life all figured out.

Do you take time to pray or meditate?

I take fifteen minutes every morning around 5:30 am say, two round of Buddist mantra in Sandskrit on a set of pray beads from India.

I voice my intention for the day outloud, then go back to being paid to exersice my body.

Each part of the day is planned, to get more than one thing done, Chris Record calls it stacking.

If you want to access the free training from TecAdemics sign up and check it out.

First four hours I get paid to exersice my body, stay active and pay my overhead to keep a roof over my head.

Then I take a break and eat my second dose of the raw protein that aided in my amazing recovery.

Next step involves what I am doing right now, creating content to share with the world.

I get four to five hours a day to work on one of my income earning projects.

One of the basic lessons from TecAdemics basic free training was learning to live off your job.

That way you can reinvest everything you earn to Accelerate your Businesses Earning Potencial.

Imagine how much longer it would take if had to live off that income before you could reinvest in exploding your reach.

Most people come here with the dream of telling their boss

“To take this JOB and shove it. I don’t work here no more.”

Chris teachs and now I understand why this type of thinking will hold you back..

I hope you found Vaule in this post if so after you click the link to sign in for free access.

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Do “LIGHT Workers” Support Clean Energy?

Thank you Machanda Karan for Introducing me to this cool community of Light Workers on Facebook,

It Opened my mind.

Made me want to pose a question today,

Would all the Light Workers,

Embrace getting your homes

Power from the Sun?

If you own your home I can offer you the free proposal for a Zero down rooftop Solar system from the biggest Solar Installation Company in North America.

Call me if you have questions at 1-250-703-6967

If you want to see if the program is availible in your

State and city follow this link,

Click here and put in your >ZipCode<  to find out?

Thank for taking action on climate change.

In the book Abundance I receive from Powur at the convention Diamondis and Kolter says,

“How we soucre your power is only part of the issue: how we distrubute it is equally important?”

Rooftop solar provides green answers that help with both part of the puzzle.

I want to share what I believe is part of the solution.

If you want to help me spread the sunshine,

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