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Do you Invest in your Education?

It would help me a lot if I knew your answers?

Do you Invest in your Education?

Have you Invest in your Education in the Past?

I travelled to Scottsdale Arizona from Canada to sit in a classroom with over a thousand veteran marketers.

Twenty hours of “This Is How We Do It!”

One hour on the pay plan. it was a refreshing.

A surprising change from most weekend marketing events.

Quality would be my best describe my experiences,

All weekend at the J.W. Marriott, Desert Ridge.

It finished off with a Graduation Ceremony for Chris Record.

Put on as a surprise completely by his crew of 30 onsite leaders, that where Making it Work!

I  make a lot of offers to get each of you investing in your own education so you can get better results from your online activates.

I am planning on offering this college program in Online Marketing called, TecAdemics. Doors set to Open by Septemeber first.

I attended the launch convention with my mentors, Larry and Diane Hochman and their students in Scottsdale, two weeks ago.

I learned a lot by attending Live.

Already shared a bit, of it with my loyal followers on my newsletter.

If you want to get the promotion in your company?

Want to walk across the stage at your next company event?

You will welcome some help from some of the experts that have gone before you.

This is just a one minute clip of what Chris Record had to say.

You will have to wait till they release the recordings for more.

It is super simple when you focus on recruiting people that already have a circle of influence then your business will grow exponentially. 

If you invest your time convincing others that they should —-

My trusted advisor, Larry Hochman teaches, never Use the Word Should on Yourself or when talking about another.

If you think about it when do you, do your shoulds?

You should walk 10,000 steps daily

should drink eight glasses of filtered Water.

We Should not Share, that last piece of cake.

Do you see what happens when we say, we should do something?

You will get tired of all the Talking.

The time to take action is now.


Appreciation is at the Heart of the Matter.

Michael Gene Pearce

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