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What do you want to Understand about Google +

I was on G+ before it was Cool!
I was on G+ before it was Cool!

What do you want to Understand about Google +

I am writing this for some Special Followers from the Training Platform I get my training and Feedback from. I love the weekly Hang outs, That said, “Could we have any other day then Tuesday during my Paper Marathon?”

These Amazing Ladies lead the DMC+ Google Engagers,

Advanced Landing Party!

Google by Noel Boudreaux

I have begun compiling references  to Place and People that have helped me learn and understand how to grow a Following on G+. It turns out I was a head of the Pack and had a G+ account before it was Cool I was an Early Adopter  I have  always been drawn to the frontier when I cooked it was West Coast Mediterranean  before it had a Name.


When I helped Families with their Savings and Insurance Produces it was with Primerica  The CITI Group Child that owns it self and was the First Network Marketing company to go Public and be traded on the Stock Exchange. Even when I coached Skating I started at 12 Years old I was allowed to test a year Early making me the youngest Certified Amateur Coach teaching Figure Skating in B>C>  at the Time

At Google it all start with It is the must have tool if you ever want to understand where your traffic comes from and where it leaves the Site from.

If you feel the need for more Info this service will help, but it Pay to Use not free like the other tools I have Shared about in this Post

If you want to know who is sharing you on G+ you will want this Cool Tool I use Circle Count to find out who to thank, that has been supporting my Posts. It let’s me see who Shares and Comments or Re-posts  my stuff in their News Feed or Communities

If you want in depth answers check out

This Blog has a lot of Useful Info about how G+ Should work and how you can help it grow Faster by always sharing with a propose and including credit where it is do. I had no idea there was a correct why to share a post.

When you want to Quickly Accelerate your Growth, start by joining Circle Sharing, it is the fastest way to grow an Audience

Oval MeThanks for Being You!

P.S. Ladies I hope this Introduction to Google helps you grow faster online