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I believe this is the right place to share this info some of my readers have been waiting the hear this, for many what I have come to understand will be valuable. It has taken me just over five years online to figure out what I am Sharing Today.

Everyone say, “the Money is in the List.” So I want to talk about List Building with Circles on Google+ vs. Inviting Friends on Facebook. Every year we hear more and more about how social media is the answer to all your business prays. One Year ago I had 400 friends on Facebook then I started Blogging, now that has grown to 750. This Past Year I had an 87% Increase in Friends. It took me 4 years to build my friends list to that first 400 so 350 in a year sounds great Right?


Now this is the Funny part of the story is when I joined DMC+ one year ago. I had already started a G+ Account then sort of forgot about it. Then back in April on the 27 th Eric Walkers Hosted a Google Plus Training for Inner Circle members in the Daily Marketing Coach.  Eric said we should all work on your G+ Accounts because Google treated Goggle Plus Account Holder better in their Page Ranking System. In January I had about 50 Followers on Google Plus from the old Hotmail account that had added my contacts from that I had used to start with G +.

Circle Rank One of the Apps I use says: 

Michael Pearce

If I had sent out 3,200 Friends requests on Facebook,
They would call it Spam and I would be Banded for Life!

Today, My following has Grown to 1,000 

Most of that is all in the last eight months since that 

“DMC+ G + Training with  Eric Walker.

 You have a limit on Facebook I can only add about ten people a day

If 85% of your invites do not add you, you will end up in 

Facebook Jail for 2 weeks the first time. Longer the second time after that, the nit so funny think is most of the people you are choosing to add, where suggested by Facebook.

With all these Fans and Followers I should be laughing to the bank right?

Not as often as I would like!

Worse yet with only 4% of your audience seeing any one post it is become a slow way to grow a following. I have never paid for Ads so far and I can not afford to pay every day to share with my 750 Friends now that Facebook is a public for profit business it is all about the Money$$$

As with most things I learn at Daily Marketing Coach Plus.

I am so happy I jumped in with Both Feet.

It is not even work now people in Circles I have added they just keep adding me back so now I am starting to be I little more fussy about who I circle. Like I said a few Posts ago I plan to spend 90% of my energy on line focusing on how Google Plus works and sorting my circles into groups that I can share only the stuff that they need to learn that is right for each group. Most are sorted now by how I meet them but I added a few new circles for;

Immunotec Repersentives

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Seize the Moment Start Today and Receive 50% Off Your First Order!

Fellow Bloggers I meet in Challenges and

Beth Hewitt's Simply Blogging Challenge

Ann Siegs’ DMC+ Students these groups hold special placse in my heart.


Prospects that contacted me through G +

If it was easy everyone in Network Marketing would be Rich!
If Building an MLM  Empire was easy everyone in Network Marketing would be Super Rich!

Sorry Facebook, It is Time I start Seeing other Networking Platform


I Have found a NEW Love!


Thanks you to all the <Amazing Google Plus Fans> that Circled Me!


Google + ers  You All ROCK!!!


I do not Know all of You Yet?

But if YOU call Michael Cell: # 1-(250)703-6967 



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